Free Resources Day 3 – Feelgood, Direct to your Inbox

Daily Affirmations


Good night my loves,

I’m dead tired. This old body has a limit these days. But a promise I made for a new free Resource each day. So here you go:

When you’re down or in a funk, sometimes you don’t remember to find personal development, you forget to ask, to look for it. So set yourself up with a failsafe plan. Proactively sign up for free “feelgood” daily and weekly newsletters and updates.

It’s free. No obligation. Delete if you don’t want to look at it. But how nice is it to have something lovely in your inbox rather than more spam about weight loss and penile enlargement? Mix in a little magic.  Pretty much have to smile when something great is put right in front of you.

1. Tut. If you don’t get daily notes from the Universe, you are SO missing out. It’s just so… lovely. Inspirational. Upbeat. And I usually roll my eyes at this sort of thing. I really really really love my daily email from Tut. Click Here for Tut.

2. Abraham. Daily Law of Attraction email Quote. It’s free. It’s daily. If you believe in Law of Attraction or are the littlest bit intrigued, this is a wonderful way to keep yourself in the mindset. Takes about 15 seconds to sign up. Click here for Abraham.

That’s it for the day folks. But they are good. They are worth it.

Create your Sunshine Life… Today.

Clover Sunshine

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