Free Resources to Feel Good – Day 4

Facebook Profile

Facebook. It isn’t exactly ground breaking Free Information. But WAIT. You may be missing opportunities with this social gem.

Yes, Facebook is great to spy on your high school class, college sweetheart, and a great way to kill a few hours. It has completely replaced Entertainment Tonight for the best gossip around.

BUT it is also a an amazing free resource.

Do you make it a point to Find and Like people that interest you? Challenge you? Teach you? Next time you read a book you enjoy or want to learn more about a new topic, Search it out on Facebook. It’s quite wonderful to fill your newsfeed with some educational or inspirational resource amongst all of the political banter and baby pictures. You’re on there anyway, might as well slip in some useful, positive, and interesting information.

A few of my favorites to get you started:


And don’t forget to look for more. Get crazy. Add a little wonder to your daily routine without effort.

Create your Sunshine Life all around you.

Clover Sunshine

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