Here’s to a good Shake Up

Desperately seeking L.O.B. (life outside bed). Well, the surgery didn’t exactly go as planned. Back to 100% bedrest. Back to the beginning.  It’s only been 4 months… And this go round, 2 full weeks in bed. It’s laughable really. You know how crazy you get not being able to get out of bed for 2 weeks?

Do you know what keeps me going? Miracles. I believe in miracles. I believe this is all a big lesson and we’ll laugh about it some day. I believe in hope. I believe in purpose.

Manifesting Well Being

I’m obsessed with Bali these days. 4 months of bed rest sure makes you ache for a vacation! I’m thinking about a year away from it all. A year to meditate, and experience life without boundaries.  I guess everyone needs hope, something to dream about, look forward to. I suppose I’d have to be able to sit up before I could make the flight, but maybe that will be the miracle. Maybe I can find a medicine man to heal me in the sacred rivers and discover another way of life in the meanwhile.


OK, I was just in ICU for like 13 days. And I MAY have watched Eat, Pray, Love like 27 times.  But still, you just never know what mysteries life is holding.  Maybe we have to get really shaken up to get uncomfortable, to remember our life’s purpose. To remember, our unique gifts so we can truly change the world.

Maybe all that all of us really need is a good shake up out of our comfortable lives of mediocrity to remember to be something really great.

UbudEither way, I could live here and try. Seems like a journey worth taking… course once I’m able to take that 20 hour flight.

Keep the hope. Keep your dreams in laser focus. Meditate every day. Journal Every Day. Don’t lose focus, or hope. For that is the only way you’ll be able to make them all come true.

Create your Sunshine Life, with focus, and hope, and a good Shake Up every once in awhile.



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