Live with all your Might.

what_could_go-rightIsn’t it funny, how you can see something 100 times and barely notice, and then one day it jumps out and slaps you in the face and is the most profound idea you’ve ever contemplated?

I’ve never thought of myself as someone who looks at the glass half empty. Quite the opposite actually. So although I’ve seen versions of this quote so many times I never really thought it applied to me.

But yesterday I saw it and it slapped me in the face. For although I’m positive, I’m cautious. Only since having kids. Before kids I was so confident in my decisions, what I wanted, what I loved, how I wanted to decorate my house or live my life, or where to vacation. Since having kids I second guess EVERYTHING. and put myself through endless review of each decision.  “Is this good for the kids? Will this kind of home be something they love? Is this good for parenting? Is this enough stability? Is it too routine?” and the ever-famous and over-used “what will we eat”.

I didn’t realize it until now. But I have put off making SO many decisions with conviction, always leaving a back up plan, or not fully committing to something that makes me happy.   I have been living in this house for almost two years, but never done the landscaping I am dying to do because A) it’s a rental so what’s the point? and B) we could be moving before long so why bother?. GEEEEEZZZ. Two years? It’s funny now to me. As soon as I can stand up I’m going to do some serious gardening! Why? Because A) I love to garden. B) It makes me happy. C) It makes my house feel like a home. Why restrict the simple joys of today while trying to be frugal or … what is that?

Either way. I’m ready to live. Right here. Right now. To love every aspect of my life and jump in with both feet.  Life is short, silly to waste precious time in a home we don’t love, procrastinating make the decisions that matter, or waiting for the next stage. Live where you are now with reckless abandon. LIVE. Today. If you want to move in 3 months, worry about that in 3 months. No sense in stop living now in preparation for what may come tomorrow.

There is a freedom letting myself not be held accountable for each decision and it’s impact over the rest of my life. Perhaps it’s time to relax and have some fun… What makes you happy? Like really, really, happy – that you haven’t done in a LONG time? Dancing, singing in your underwear in your house, gardening, hosting dinner parties with friends… what are you putting off that makes your life delicious?

Create your Sunshine Life by Living with all your Might.




2 thoughts on “Live with all your Might.”

  1. One of my favorite quotes is “Bloom where you are planted”. It makes each day feel like I could enhance it just by my attitude.

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