Moving to Bali

Two days ago, my family moved to Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. We just did it. We sold our cars, our furniture, our worldly “stuff” and bought 4 one way tickets to Bali. Crazy, I know. But I laid in bed for two years visualizing it, and then, it just sort of happened. It was like the momentum of the universe and the dreams just took over. And we’re here. And you know the craziest part?  It was easy.

Ubud Moneky Forest

I was really worried about the 5 hours flying from Austin to Seattle. The 12 hour flight from Seattle to Taiwan. The 5 hour layover in Taiwan (what would my kids actually eat?) and then the final 6 hour flight to Bali and a two hour DRIVE to our home. It’s insane. But it was easy. When I looked up at Tom during the long flight and told him “only 3 hours left” he shook his head in disbelief and told me I must have the time change wrong. But it was that easy. Flying isn’t like it used to be. Comfortable chairs. Great meals. Tons of movies. The kids were in heaven. I’ve never let them watch 9 hours of movies before! I think the RedEye from Seattle was a great start. Getting up at 2am was hard at the time, but it all fell into place. I also found a rockstar deal on Premium Economy seats on EVA air. Which I HIGHLY recommend. And then, we were here.

Bali Offering

We love it. IT feels like home. The incense burning over the beautiful flower offerings in front of every home and business  soothe my soul somewhere so deep it’s cellular. And the people, Avani says “Everyone here is so NICE”. It’s true. Although the traffic is completely insane and there is a lot of honking – it’s more of a friendly beep like “here I am, watch out I don’t want to hit you” vs the angry revving and beeping and aggressive driving we had started to see in Austin.

Friendly Mopeds

We eat fresh fruit bowls with cashew milk yogurt for breakfast. I know we are overpaying horribly for it at $4 a bowl. But it’s a close walk to the house and a treat for our first few days here.

fresh fruit at Alechemy in Ubud
fresh fruit at Alechemy in Ubud

Our goal in Bali is healing. Loving. Moving more slowly. Spending more time with what is important. I’m hoping for a miraculous healing for myself. And I visualize it every day. A miraculous healing for my children. And an opportunity to slow down and enjoy what is right in front of us, to savor life, to drink it in. I want my children to know that anything is possible and the world is a large place, filled with people that are wonderful.

So, I”m finally inspired to write again. The roosters wake me at 5am, and it’s a blessing. I get up and lay in our outdoor living room and watch the sky change color. Listen to the serenade of the insects and the song of the rooster and my heart is so full it could burst.

Create your sunshine life, by moving to Bali, if you must. xoxo

climbing mountains

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