Grateful, in Bali


We have been in Bali 6 nights. And these are the things I’m grateful for:

My kids are sleeping through the night for the first time in their lives. (and my daughter is 8). They are sleeping straight thru. This has never happened to us. Ever.

We have befriended 3 local families. Their love here is such that these wonderful people are going out of their way to pick us up and take us to drive to look at long term homes, helping negotiate prices in the local language, and taking us to school with our kids. Our children are playing together, and we hug when we part company.

The school is everything I could ever dream it would be. It’s a Buddhist/Neo Humanist/Unschool. It’s totally radical in the best way. The only anticipation I had, is that it is Vegetarian. My kids need a lot of protein or they turn evil. And they really dislike vegetables that are cooked. Hugo won’t eat anything if there is green anywhere touching it. But I said a little prayer to all of my travel angels for the Most Benevolent Outcome. We arrived to pick them up yesterday and a little tug at the back of my momma heart worried I would see tear stained faces.  Funny Momma Bear. They were laughing (OK Avani was telling people what to do, so she was in her happy place) and cleaning up the goat pen and feeding goats.  It was 4pm and they didn’t want to leave. They happily chattered the whole way home that it was the single best day of their lives. Avani is learning to play guitar, Hugo… well I mentioned the goats didn’t I? They start they day playing in the dirt gardening, then yoga and meditation. Then a bit of studies. Then more time running and playing outside. There are long silk scarves hanging from the ceiling – you know the ones in the acrobat ballet? The kids can climb and swing.


We laugh here. We swim. We listen to bugs and roosters (at 4am). We eat well. We have family.

It’s true, when you trust the universe, visualize, and jump – you can make way for some pretty phenomenal magic. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Create your sunshine life by trusting the Universe, requesting the most benevolent outcome, and jump.

Got nerve?

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