Vulnerability, Perspective, and Metta

Confession - I'm not always all bright and shiny. SHOCKER I know. I try to only post positive, but there is a reality that exists.¬†You know, real life? I love Brene Brown. Do you know Brene Brown? The Queen of Vulnerability. She does this amazing TED talk on the Power of Vulnerability... have you seen… Continue reading Vulnerability, Perspective, and Metta

TED talks – Day 4 – The Power of Vulnerability

Brene Brown is a marvelous, engaging, funny, and authentic "researcher" discovering what makes people live happy, fulfilled, wholehearted lives. She comes to some interesting conclusions, not the least of which is "I am Enough". Isn't that beautiful? Really sit with it for a moment. This speaks to me so. The Power of Vulnerability. Of letting… Continue reading TED talks – Day 4 – The Power of Vulnerability