TED talks – Day 4 – The Power of Vulnerability

Brene Brown is a marvelous, engaging, funny, and authentic “researcher” discovering what makes people live happy, fulfilled, wholehearted lives.

She comes to some interesting conclusions, not the least of which is “I am Enough”. Isn’t that beautiful? Really sit with it for a moment.

This speaks to me so. The Power of Vulnerability. Of letting yourself be who you are. Love what you love. Be Authentic in your unique gifts to the world.

CLICK HERE to watch the talk.

I’ve spent far too much of my life concerned about what other people would think of my idiosyncrasies. Would they like me? Will they think I’m a good parent? Am I too crazy? Am I kind enough, generous enough? All the thousands of ways we second guess ourselves.

But lately, I’ve found my voice. I like who I am. I like what I believe. I believe that I can attract people in my world that like me for who I am. I am a strong leader, a fierce Momma, and a chardonnay drinking, rain dancing, gratitude filled girl.

If you have yet to find your voice, I think you’ll like this talk. Find the power in your vulnerability. Have gratitude for your unique gifts, remember that the world appreciates you as you are. Let it shine.

Create your Sunshine Life…Today.

~Clover Sunshine

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