TED talks Day 3 – Nature. Beauty. Gratitude.

A lovely reminder to step back. To see the clouds. To smell the air. To live each day as it was your first and your last.

Unplug. Turn off. Take off your shoes and go outside and be grateful for the magical world that we live in. That surrounds us at every corner.

This TED talk is a wonder of joy and appreciation. Hats off to Mr. Louie Schwartzberg for seeing what so many others have missed. He saw the opportunity to not only appreciate Nature, but share it with the world and make each of our days a little brighter.

CLICK HERE to watch the talk

I love that he thought bigger. How many people must have told him that he’d never make money or receive acclaim for taking photos of flowers? Seriously. Yet he held the dream. Kept the vision. And made all of our days a little brighter for it.

What would you share with the world?

Create your Sunshine Life…Today.

~Clover Sunshine

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