Free Resources Day 2 – Deepak / Oprah Meditation

Deepak Oprah Meditation

So this week I’m offering a free resource each day for anyone who wants a little more, but doesn’t have a little more to give. Paying a little here and a little there can add up, and we can’t do everything… but on the other hand, it’s important to keep moving forward. Doing SOME-thing.  Something for YOU. Something to grow.

The benefits of meditation are hardly a secret. Seems like nearly every week there is a new obsession on FaceBook or the cover of the Yahoo page talking about lowering blood pressure, or healing from chronic disease with meditation. And that’s wonderful. But I’m more practical. What about the benefits of gaining sanity? Making peace. Finding a few quiet minutes without phones or kids or distractions. Space to remember what we Desire – what we really, truly, desire out of this amazing life.

So, riddle me this. If Deepak and Oprah were coming to your town, And offering a FREE chance to meditate with them. A lovely guided meditation every day for 21 days focused on “Desire and Destiny” would you go? The chance to be mentored by the experts.  Would you think it sounds wonderful… but you just don’t have the time? Would you think it’s an amazing experience and you would create the time?


Well my friends, here’s your chance. But its even better. It’s online. You only have to make a little time each day to tune in to Deepak and Oprah for your own amazing, guided meditation, online with …. Deepak. I mean, it’s Deepak.

It starts this Monday, November 11. Are you in? Join me. But TAKE A STAND, make a COMMITMENT to yourself. Don’t pass the opportunity and think “maybe next time…” Let’s take this one step, to feel a little peace, manifest a little magic, and take advantage of some of the amazing experiences life has to offer. All you have to do, is CLICK THIS LINK to register.

I’ll see you there.

I’m going to Create my Sunshine Life…with Deepak.

Clover Sunshine

3 thoughts on “Free Resources Day 2 – Deepak / Oprah Meditation”

    1. Your welcome! I love your blog by the way… looking forward to long distance, online meditating together!

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