The Elusive Pursuit of Happiness

Does anyone else notice the interesting phenomenon in the world right now of searching for HAPPINESS? There are new books and online "challenges" seemingly released every week regarding the science of happiness. The Happiness Project. Delivering Happiness. Finding Happiness. 100 Days of Happiness. Radical Change and Unlimited Happiness. There are courses from online institutions, Hay House… Continue reading The Elusive Pursuit of Happiness

a Better world.

This morning I woke up a little...better. Head a little clearer, hope a little brighter.  I've not been posting much as I had a really hard time with my last set back. Losing ground, at this point, was just more than I could bear. But all things pass. Today, I'm feeling a bit more Sunshine.… Continue reading a Better world.

Free Resources Day 2 – Deepak / Oprah Meditation

So this week I'm offering a free resource each day for anyone who wants a little more, but doesn't have a little more to give. Paying a little here and a little there can add up, and we can't do everything... but on the other hand, it's important to keep moving forward. Doing SOME-thing.  Something… Continue reading Free Resources Day 2 – Deepak / Oprah Meditation

Delivering Happiness Book Review

Delivering Happiness, seriously, is there any greater title to any book anywhere? Now, I'm admittedly Pollyanna. I love the idea of a loving utopian society where people do good for the sheer joy of it. So I suppose that is why I can't get Tony Hsieh out of my head. This is a MARVELOUS read.… Continue reading Delivering Happiness Book Review

Singing from rooftops.. sometimes you gotta let it out.

I'm bursting with joy tonight. We had a wonderful, fabulous, amazing day. Grateful. So very, very, grateful. Completed meal planning for the week. Grocery Shopping. Even managed to plan a decent dinner for tonight (check out last Sunday's post for an example of what NOT to do for Sunday night dinner!). Thinking that tomorrow I'll… Continue reading Singing from rooftops.. sometimes you gotta let it out.

Sunshine Life Day 2 – Gratitude

If you aren't grateful for what you have, you'll never appreciate what you get. After you spend time thinking about the life you want and what you would change, it's important to spend a day being grateful for what you have. Start each morning reviewing your blessings. In fact, start a gratitude journal.  Every single… Continue reading Sunshine Life Day 2 – Gratitude

If you knew you couldn’t fail…

Would you quit your job? Travel the world? Grow your own garden? Homeschool? Or NOT? Create a job you love? Surround yourself with successful, like-minded, Empowered people? If you could do anything... without fear of failure what would it be? What if every obstacle disappeared? Create your Sunshine Life Today. When I let go of… Continue reading If you knew you couldn’t fail…