The challenge is to silence the mind…

So, it’s been a long couple of weeks. Doing a lot of soul searching. Destroying and recreating old thought patterns. Making room for new love, peace, grace and life. It’s been hard work. 😉

Silence the mind

It’s no surprise that I’m somewhat of an addictive person – an overachiever – one who fails to rest much. I can easily go 1,000 miles in the wrong direction before I look up and realize I forgot to ask directions… humbling.  I realized that for the last… (embarrassing long while) I am been so consumed with details of life… money, health, food, bills, housing, work… you know, the usuals – that I completely abandoned LOVING my life.  Don’t get me wrong, I like me life a lot – but that Spark, that something, that dream… I got stuck in the nitty gritty of reality and efficiency that I forgot the beauty of peace. And quiet.

Well the Universe has a hell of a sense of humor. Nothing like 3 MONTHS of bedrest to remind you. I kind of needed it though. Because heaven knows the first two months I just fought it. LOL. Stubborn girl I am. But the last month, I’ve taken time off blogging, off mindfully cooking, off stressing, off social media (admitted FB junkie). I’ve taken time for meditation. For reading books with kids (without TV or smartphones, or music, or any other distractions). I’ve taken time to listen. Really listen to my family, and my heart.

I’ve met some AMAZING people along the way. Little angels to set me back on my path. I am one of those little wind up soldiers that just keeps going until a little obstacle straightens out my path. But I don’t mind. Before this I was the little wind up soldier that just stood there and kept bumping into the wall, trying to bust through brick.


I’m excited. I made a decision. A big one. Although it sounds trite, and cliché, it’s true. I’m going to follow my bliss, make my heart sing, and blindly trust the Universe that it will bring all of the treasures I desire. Which, coincidentally enough I’ve realized are things like laughter, monthly dinner parties with friends, board games, and regular trips to the ocean.

I love the book E2 (check blog posts for my video review of the book). The author directly and somewhat aggressively demands her needs from the Universe. i.e. – “Universe – I’m giving you 48 hours to provide me with X. I expect you to do it,  therefore you must. There are no other options. I expect to see X 48 hours from now or you’re going to have to deal with me.”  It’s funny. And tempting…

So … here goes. Jumping out of the plane. 1 – 2 – 3 GO.

Creating my Sunshine Life – by following the Bliss….


1 thought on “The challenge is to silence the mind…”

  1. Sometimes I think we get so out of balance, off our path, and the only way to get our attention, to make us stop and evaluate our priorities…. is to attract an illness.
    “We get so busy making a living….we forget to enjoy life.”
    Sounds like your EGS (emotional guidance system) just reset and you are back on your path! There is power is in your decision! Congratulations!!
    Now “Hold the Vision….Trust the Process”. (Abraham)
    Great Blog!!!

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