Eating Greens, Detoxing, and Preparations

My next procedure is scheduled for January 14. I will be in the hospital for 5-7 days without standing. No standing up.. period.   Yeah, I always wanted THAT particular experience. Sooo not on my bucket list to live with a bed pan for 7 days. However, just think of all the weight I will lose on a liquid diet! 🙂 Silver Linings Folks. It’s how I am.


In preparation for the big day I figured I’d help myself out with a little Detox and Cleanse to help my body be at is optimal health for healing and rejuvenation (not to mention shrinking my stomach so I’m not starving to death!)   I’m so chock full of prescription meds and contrast from imaging that my body is in need of a good scrubbing.  The last two days I’ve been on the Isagenix Cleanse For Life, Deep Cleanse program. I never thought I’d be able to go TWO WHOLE days without food. In reality, it wasn’t bad at all. I just drank a TON of tea.  I chose this because it’s organic, all natural, and helps eliminate fat soluble, water soluble, and metabolic waste.   Then I started today on a daily dose of bentonite clay to help pull all of the remaining toxins, metals and chemicals out of the colon.

Now that I’m back to food, I’m dreaming of all the wonderful veggies I’ve ever wanted to try. Collard Greens. I bought some yesterday. A big beautiful organic bunch. Do you have ANY idea how good they are for you? They are full of vitamins, anti-biotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, plus vitamins A, C, B Complex and Vitamin K. Trust me, they’re good on a whole new level. Scared of them? Me too. But dying to try. I’m not really a soft and sautéed veggie kind of girl, but I’m thinking a lovely vegetable soup with Chard and Collard Greens, and plenty of Bok Choy….

And Cilantro, oh I love Cilantro (and it’s natural detox and chelation properties make it that much sexier)! Not so much in the soup, but I’m making burritos for my family tonight with home made slow cooker refried beans (you seriously must make your own beans, it’s easy, cheap, and without any preservatives or nasty can liners – here’s my secret recipe).  Add brown rice tortillas and lime/cilantro marinated chicken breast with a heap of brown rice… ok. Can you tell I haven’t eaten in 3 days? I’m like one of those old ladies telling you everything she ate for the last week! Ha.  Add in some roasted root vegetables, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, beets… heaven.  Amazing how our bodies crave what we need.

I’m also packing for 7 days on my back. Crocheting, Audible books, coloring, might even bring back cross stitch (which I haven’t done since about 6th grade) depending on my patience and vision… I’ve successfully watched seasons 1-8 of Greys Anatomy so I’m also in need of a new brainless sitcom… Suggestions anyone? Projects, books, and movies I should put on my list?

You better believe I’m going to be living my Sunshine Life while I’m in the hospital. Bringing my favorite bedspread and everything. .. I wonder if I can smuggle in some sour patch kids? 😉

~Clover Sunshine

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