Patience, Miracles and Fairy Dust

Yesterday was a good day.

It was my daughter’s 7th Birthday Party. 5 girls, a bouncy house and Frozen, add in some glitter tattoos and gluten free pizza and you have a party! Oh, and the cake. You must have a super-kali-fragi-listic-expi-ali-docious cake. Seven is the age of princesses and fairies and unicorns, magic and love, and glitter.

Frozen CakeOf course I went overboard, it’s what I do best!  Yes, there’s food coloring (obviously) which breaks all of my rules, and it’s gluten. But it’s a BIRTHDAY, so lately I’ve been trying to let kids be kids. However, I did find a nice local bakery who made it all from scratch without HFCS or other nasty preservatives so I found a middle road I could live with.

But at the end of the day, I had this warm burning in my chest. Elation. I accomplished something. That may be a sentence you just move past quickly. So what, we all accomplish things all the time.  I have been on bed rest for 6 months and the hardest part is the lack of satisfaction at the end of my day. Yesterday, I moved mountains.

I got my fix.  I did something beautiful. I created memories. We all survived. Yay!

(wanna hear a secret? I feel so darn good I may attempt to jailbreak this place and go to the movie Divergent today)


I think I need to get this poster size on my ceiling.  Have faith. Trust the Universe. We are here for great joy, but it often comes in unexpected packages.  Slow down, if you stop trying to control the world, you’ll see the little miracles and blessings when they come, rather than feeling frustration it wasn’t the exact way you wanted.  It’s a “retraining” process.  But a worthwhile one.

Create your Sunshine life, with patience, miracles, and a hint of fairy dust.

love affirmation


3 thoughts on “Patience, Miracles and Fairy Dust”

  1. So glad to hear you treated yourself with a dose of ….Elation!
    That’s one of the best prescriptions for healing! Thanks for the prayer by Louise Hay also!
    It’s very comforting!

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