The Elusive Pursuit of Happiness

Does anyone else notice the interesting phenomenon in the world right now of searching for HAPPINESS?


There are new books and online “challenges” seemingly released every week regarding the science of happiness. The Happiness Project. Delivering Happiness. Finding Happiness. 100 Days of Happiness. Radical Change and Unlimited Happiness.

There are courses from online institutions, Hay House speakers and even UC Berkeley has a program on discovering happiness.

Both Metaphysical and top religious leaders from every corner of the world (and many formal religions) preach the importance of happiness in worship, faith, manifesting and living a Divine Life.

The world is obsessed with discovering Happiness.  The word is like a warm hearted, heavy bosomed friend. Happiness.  Little blond pigtailed girls in a field of yellow flowers, soul mates lounging near clear Caribbean blue water, hiking the backcountry of Montana with Man’s Best Friend. We all get a feeling in our heart when we think of happiness. So why does it only last a moment? Why is everyone searching so desperately for an emotion that we are all born with? Why are we going to meetings and asking our guru’s for detailed information on how to do it?

We are digging for something more. There is something deep inside that says this isn’t how it’s supposed to be.

We are living a life that is not up to our potential. We got distracted by pretty objects, and ego driven goals, judging and comparing ourselves with the people around us, determining who and what is Good, Better, Best.  We were distracted by the pursuit of Financial Wealth, or Suffering while in Service, each trying to prove that we are a good enough version of ourselves. We have spent our lives judging.

How many hours of my life have I spent telling myself that I am not good enough?

We are not the right weight. We do not have the right bank account. We have not been good enough parents. We aren’t organized enough. We haven’t lived enough. We haven’t given enough.

We live in a society where happiness is not only NOT A PRIORITY, there is no room for it.  Our jobs demand countless hours, there is no priority for the value of vacation time, family time. Happy time. The marketing messages that we are fed tell us that we must buy something to be a better version of ourselves. How many hours of programming have we received in a lifetime telling us that we are not pretty enough, smart enough, sexy enough, rich enough? Of course we believe it. Television and radio have been subliminally programming us our entire lives.

Our schools, our homes, our jobs focus on gaining knowledge and wealth. Where is the society enforced focus on gaining happiness? Prioritizing happiness as a fundamental goal? It’s coming. There is a growing awareness that pushes against the old norm. The new awareness says, “I am enough. I am human. I am blessed. I am here for joy. I will make mistakes, and it is ok.”

There is a certain letting go that happens in the acceptance of who we are. And wouldn’t you know it, that letting go is the exact thing that allows Happiness to rush in. There is a shift happening. As a society, we are starting to place value in Happiness. We are forgiving ourselves and others.  I can’t wait to see where it goes from here. A world of happiness.

Ever wonder what would happen if children were taught to follow their happiness? Check out this amazing TedTalk. I promise it’s worth the 11 minutes.

There, I just saved you thousands in an education pursuing happiness. Your Welcome.

Create your Sunshine Life. Go Be Happy. Let that be how you make your decisions. Let that be your reminder to love yourself exactly as you are.  Because if you are happy first, then the rest of it really doesn’t matter, right?


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