Overwhelming Joy and Gratitude

Sometimes you need to slow down and give your self a reality check. Be grateful for the simple abundances of life, the things that go right, the simple joys.

Abraham Quote

 I am so grateful that:
  • I have had my last needle in the spine for the week. Yay!
  • a friend I have only met once offered to clean my bathrooms while I’m down. (imagine that).
  • I got a grown up coloring book today and I LOVE it.
  • I have a GREAT medical team that is kind and funny and takes good care of me.
  • Tomorrow is Friday and Family Movie Night. Looking forward to spending time together….
  • My MOMMA will be here in less than 1 week.
  • I have amazing teams around me, family, friends, work. I am surrounded with love.
  • I can see a lovely evening sky from my bed.

What are you grateful for?

Energy flows where attention goes. You are magical, start acting like it.


Create your Sunshine Life.

Clover Sunshine

2 thoughts on “Overwhelming Joy and Gratitude”

  1. Sorry I didn’t get to talk to you yesterday, but this blog tells me all I wanted to know!
    Yes, you are a master of manifesting!
    Even in these trying times of contrast, you are using it to your advantage, to make you focus on the abundance of Well Being in your life.
    You know that each cell in your body is being restored to a state of well being.
    Hold the vision of a healthy body, trust the process.
    And the powerful Abraham quote you picked out tells me you are on the path to health and well being.
    I’m very proud of you! You are amazing! You are a Great Teacher!

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