3 Valuable Tests for Evaluating Optimal Health

So for Day 3 in my series on kids health I offer recommendations for 3 reasonable priced, reasonably easy, and hugely valuable tests for evaluating health for kids (and adults too).

1. Food Sensitivity Test (IGG not IGE). Too many people don’t realize that they are sensitive to foods in their diet that they deem reasonably healthy. Food sensitivity can cause problems such as stomach distress, gas, bloating, eczema, joint pain, migraines, mental and emotional distress, and many others. You can ask your doctor about an IGG food sensitivity test. Some MD’s will do it, some won’t. Insurance probably won’t cover it. Your best bet is to find a Functional Medicine MD. The test will probably run in the ballpark of $400 for around 100 – 200 common foods. There are even companies now that will allow you to stop at a blood draw facility and have the blood shipped directly to the lab, and results sent directly to you without a physician middle man. There are pros and cons to this. But the results are typically listed based on your reaction in a 1 – 5 ratio. It’s a GREAT starting point if you’re considering an elmination diet.

2. Hair test to check for Heavy Metals, Toxins, and Mineral balance. This is AMAZING! We had it done on both kids and were blown away by the wealth of information. It was easy as pie. They mailed a little envelope with instructions and we cut a small amount of hair and put in the envelope and sent it back. I think the test was in the ballpark of $200-$300. We worked with a Nutritional Therapist to help us review results and make appropriate diet changes to balance. The cost I quoted included her analysis and was WELL WORTH IT. You can check out my RESOURCES page for her contact information or Google someone near you.

3. Nutritional Response Testing (NRT). We are currently using this and love it. This is a simple, non-invasive method to test which nutritional protocol is most useful to your body at the moment. It’s kid friendly and inexpensive (around $40 – $60 per appointment). We go to a great Acupuncture Clinic here in Austin, who we highly recommend (TigerLily Acupuncture).

===>> note – whenever looking for a new practioner for your kids I recommend visiting the clinic in advance to have an idea what you are walking into if you have sensitive children. Many alternative clinics have unique smells of Standard Process vitamins or essential oils. My life is easier if I can prepare my kids for what to expect.

Ask when you book the appointment if they have experience with small or special needs kids. If they shy away, keep looking. You want this to be a good experience for everyone. If they aren’t into kids, especially the noisy, wild kind, you probably won’t get the best experience and neither will your kids.

====>> As always folks. Please keep in mind, I’m a mama not a Doctor. Please do your own research, these tips are meant to help point you in a direction that is helpful.

Live Your Sunshine Life

Clover Sunshine


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