Another Way of Life

So, today I got turned on to Project AWOL. I can't stop thinking about it. A.W.O.L. stands forĀ  "Another way of Life". It's teaching people to work less and live more. To live on a laptop, and use Attraction Marketing to attract those that are looking for what you have, rather than begging people to… Continue reading Another Way of Life

TED talks – Day 4 – The Power of Vulnerability

Brene Brown is a marvelous, engaging, funny, and authentic "researcher" discovering what makes people live happy, fulfilled, wholehearted lives. She comes to some interesting conclusions, not the least of which is "I am Enough". Isn't that beautiful? Really sit with it for a moment. This speaks to me so. The Power of Vulnerability. Of letting… Continue reading TED talks – Day 4 – The Power of Vulnerability

TED talks Day 3 – Nature. Beauty. Gratitude.

A lovely reminder to step back. To see the clouds. To smell the air. To live each day as it was your first and your last. Unplug. Turn off. Take off your shoes and go outside and be grateful for the magical world that we live in. That surrounds us at every corner. This TED… Continue reading TED talks Day 3 – Nature. Beauty. Gratitude.