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Healing without hurting

Friends! This is amazing. I have finally finally had time to properly place my nose in the most amaze-balls book and it’s blowing my mind. So of course, I’m ready to share! I’ve been looking forward to its release for months, and then life happened and it’s been sitting on my Kindle waiting for my vision, and time, and sleep patterns to align themselves! And here we are.



If you have a child, and you know something isn’t quite “right”. If your “mommy alarm” is going off, even if there is no firm diagnosis, read this book! If your life is just harder than it seems it should be, you’re not alone.

She discusses everything from food sensitivity, antibiotic use, vaccines, genetic mutations, tests and doctors and support options. This is an amazing manual from a mom that has done it, and done it very, very well.

We have been getting deeper and deeper into genetic data and the results are mind blowing. Granted, it’s a little overwhelming to go back to chemistry and remember RNA and DNA and atoms… but, when it’s related to your child and how they feel it’s EVER SO MUCH MORE fascinating than it was in college! orrrr maybe I’m just geeking out.

Last night I handed my husband the chapter on Oppositional Defiance Disorder (yes, it’s a real thing) at 11pm. I mean, how could I NOT?  We’re 10 for 10 on the “you might have this if:” list. And there is some reassurance that it’s not just us, our parenting, our discipline. It’s not just that we SUCK as parents.  There is a real, valid, understandable reason for this behavior. It’s not an easy fix mind you, there is no pretty yellow pill that makes it all go away, but there is a roadmap. And if you stop to pay attention to it, it all kind of makes sense.

Gosh, we’ve been to so many doctors, and healers, and specialists, and … everything. And never found real answers, but now it’s all finally falling into place.  So grateful.  Just keep going, don’t let anyone discourage you.


Now I can’t wait to get all of our tests by 23andMe and our Igg Food Sensitivity test!

I leave you with a lovely quote from my dearly departed friend. xoxo

Create your sunshine life, keep going and loving, and believing.


Mama Bear Love

I’m continually stunned and saddened by the state of the health of our children and the overall lack of concern by the population. The rates of autism increase daily, not to mention Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, and a whole mess of other similar neuro illness with names like ODD, OCD, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, etc.  Our kids get sicker and sicker.

I can’t believe how many people that have not yet been touched by autism (or any of the other Neuro conditions), cannot muster compassion for those that do. The only explanation is that it is so terrifying, people can’t bring themselves to contemplate the reality of what that looks like.  What it feels like.

The growing population of educated moms learning to help their kids is awe inspiring. But they cannot do it alone. We have to help each other, sharing what works, sharing grace, acceptance and non-judgement when we experience these wild little creatures in our world.

If you run into a “naughty” kid in a public place, or a child trick or treating without a costume, please remind yourself not to judge. These parents and kids are dealing with more than most people could ever imagine and sometimes just surviving another day is all they can hope for.

Their nervous systems are on overload, neurotransmitters are out of balance, and many are sickened by regular day to day activities.

Whether these disorders affect you now or not, they likely soon will. With the increasing vaccine schedule, toxins in self care products (shampoo, soaps, lotion, toothpaste) gmo’s in our food supply and artificial colors that have been proven to be neurotoxins, fluoride in the water, and lack of sunlight and fresh air – these kids are all jumbled up.

SO please, have grace, send love, give encouragement if you see a stressed mom who’s child is melting down in Target. Read ingredient lists. Learn what is in your food, your water. Become educated about the world we live in and support others doing the same.  Take time to learn about initiatives such as GMO labeling, and reducing the toxins in your home.

Because it does matter.

These are our people. This is our planet. And we’re screwing it all up under the guise “that’s someone else’s problem”.

We work our jobs, take care of our kids, go to college, do homework, all the things that society says we must do. But we missed all the important stuff. We missed empathy. We missed personal responsibility. We forget to care about what we eat and trust a mess of politicians to do it for us. We must learn to care about our world and our people – all of it.

So please, the next time you think to yourself “that kid needs a good swat” or “that mother is doing a terrible job” consider to yourself that perhaps that mother is trying desperately to heal her child. Maybe she hasn’t slept in weeks. Maybe the child hasn’t either. Maybe someone gave her sensitive child a sucker filled with artificial coloring and high fructose corn syrup without her consent (happens all the time at banks and grocery stores) and the child is having a hard time processing. Maybe what they both need more than anything is understanding. Compassion. Respect.

Perhaps that Momma Bear is a warrior, studying late into the night, getting her very own personal online medical education with no goal other than to save her children and the children all around her.

Create your Sunshine Life – by sharing the Sunshine with someone who really needs it.

change theworld


Perspective and Gratitude, a year later…

One year ago today, I was in a car accident. For the last 365 days my husband has tirelessly supported us in so many ways.

Gratitude Quote

He has physically held me up during the never ending dizzy spells, held my hand during a hundred appointments, and paced waiting rooms during a dozen procedures. He managed all of the little yellow bottles (and their side effects) and been my memory, my balance, my reminder of hope.

He has played several thousand games of “I Spy” and “who am I” with our kids, learned to cook gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, preservative free, and managed balancing all of the nutritional needs of our household.  At the end of a long day, he summons the energy for a walk to the park and adventure hike with the kids.  For a solid year he has done all of the laundry, cleaned the house, paid the bills, mopped the floors, bought the groceries, while I laid in bed unable to help in any manner.

He does this while working a full time job, and spending many, many nights awake supporting our insomniac and nightmare ridden children.

Even as we think that my body is healing, I’m hit with sudden and overwhelming recurrence of symptoms which makes me bitter and angry and frustrated.  But somehow deep down this amazing man finds patience and grace, even knowing this triples his workload, he has never resented it.

Thank you my love. Thank you.  This too shall pass. Nothing is permanent.  The beach is calling…20140101_134535

Methylation, Hope and New Doorways


You know the saying “when god closes one door…he opens another”.  I’d be happy if we could just leave one closed for awhile and take a breather. I feel like I’m in back to back marathons. I haven’t even been able to sort out top from bottom in order to post… so here goes.


My beloved gallery has sold to wonderful to new owners.  It’s been a gradual process of letting go and sending love. I spent 7 years growing, planning, loving that little art gallery it seems like it’s embedded in my DNA.  Letting go. It’s an art. Finding out your life plan isn’t unraveling in the way you thought it would is a bit of an adjustment. I say a daily prayer for it as part of my mindfulness exercises. I think it helps.

My neurosurgeon has cleared me for awhile anyway. No more surgeries, the leak is most likely sealed and I’m in high pressure rebound. That’s the good news. The bad news is that I’m still in a lot of pain and strange and mysterious symptoms, so it’s time to (open another door) find a D.O. – here I’d be happier to just CLOSE THE DOOR on the whole situation and have a miraculous healing miracle rather than starting fresh with a new specialty … yet here we are – .  Apparently the time isn’t quite right for healing, and I need more practice in surrendering to the greater plan.(surrender is not exactly my strong point).

On a positive note… Unschooling is going beautifully. It seems as though we have all settled into a more relaxed pace. We are working together, listening to each other, and finding more time for peace and laughter in our day. What a blessing. I’m grateful each day.  I think a major part of it is not having the morning school battle (with sensory issues – getting up early, putting on clothes, eating food in a hurry just causes more pain that it could ever be worth – then doing it all again at bedtime meant we spent hours each day in battles over hurrying to complete sensory activities). The kids are eager for learning time and reading books. For me, it feels like a daily victory. Complete and utter gratitude.  I feel like the Divine really has my back on this one, and I’m reassured it’s the best direction for us, at least right now.


And then we come to methylation. Attention: for those mom’s of challenged, special, high needs kiddos THIS IS FOR YOU!  We had a genetic test done from several months ago but never really finished the analysis. After some recent flare ups for both kiddos it caused me to dig into the wild and overwhelming world of methylation and detox genetic pathways.

Let me give you a little visual example of my light reading: Now DON’T Freak out. 🙂 (learn more about methylation here)

methylation pathyways

I have to read it several times to fully assimilate all of the information (strange I know) It’s a lot. it’s a whole new vocabulary. But you know what else it is? Ladies and gentlemen, this is HOPE wrapped up in a confusing little package. This is healing. This is what it looks like for the mothers that have healed their children from ADD, Autism, and host of other nasty little words. And you may have heard that these are “incurable ” conditions. But I don’t buy it. If there are mothers out there who’s non-verbal children start to speak (after only two months of protocol), and there are people that spontaneously heal from terminal cancer – then I tell you what, it CAN be done. There is an answer for all of us. It’s just how deep down the rabbit hole we are willing to dig.

As I’ve always been described as… tenacious.. I’d go to the core of the earth, digging with only my fingernails to find a healing solution.  Hmm, maybe I need to pray about that more, release and trust and let that go.

Is anyone out there here with me?  I’m reading books and studies and starting to grasp, but I’d really love to geek out about it with someone else…  We are on a modified version of the FODMAP protocol (we can’t have nightshades or dairy, in addition to the rest of the program) currently, and it has helped some, but we can’t eat ANYTHING so the kids have actually requested the GAPS diet in an effort to regain some of our diet. Do you know about the GAPS diet?? Can you imagine a child requesting nothing but chicken broth and chicken soup round the clock?

How their little tummies hurt daily. It’s enough to drive a momma completely insane. And with that, the door to the full GAPS protocol has been cracked. Do I have it in me to step through the door into the next adventure?

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

Create your sunshine Life, just keep stepping through those doors as they open and surrender to the Divine plan, regardless if the road doesn’t take you where you thought you were headed. Maybe the destination is worth the trip.


Incredible, Easy and Powerful Granola

I’m finally able to start cooking a bit again! Yay. I love cooking.

I haven’t made Granola in awhile. If you haven’t either, now is the time to start! It is easy, cheap, kid friendly and a great way to sneak in all of those “great” ingredients that are challenging to get in otherwise. You can create a healthy, brain building, protein packed snack. Especially for those of us with special needs or highly picky children (or spouses…), this is a win/win.

Here’s what I did, but the beautiful thing about Granola is that you can’t really ruin it. Change it up, make it your own.

Ingredients: (organic goes without saying… )
4 cups organic rolled oats (not quick oats)
1 cup (give or take) of toasted almond slivers and pecan pieces
1 cup unsweetened coconut flakes (the big ones is what we prefer)
2 TBSP Hemp Seeds
2 TBSP Chia Seeds
1 (or two) generous handful of toasted pumpkin seeds

Add at the end:
1/3 cup Dried Papaya mini pieces
1/4 cup dried bananas

1/3 cup coconut oil
1/3 cup good raw organic honey
1/3 cup REAL maple syrup
1 tsp real vanilla flavoring (or whatever you prefer)

Preheat oven to 275.

Mix all of the top Dry Ingredients in a large bowl. Put the coconut oil, honey and maple syrup in a pan and gentle heat so it mixes and is pourable. After removing from heat add the Vanilla Flavoring and stir well.

Pour your wet/sweet mix over the big bowl of oats. Keep stirring until it’s all kind of moist.

Place parchment paper on a rimmed cookie sheet (it will take two). Pour granola onto cookie sheet in a thin layer. Bake 8-10 minutes, stirring half way through. Watch it like a hawk – nothing makes you sadder than burnt granola. 😦

When it’s done, remove from oven and let it cool COMPLETELY. After it is cooled, mix in your dried fruits and store in an airtight container. Enjoy for breakfast with a little Hemp milk or as a dry snack for after school!
Best granola recipe
Now the really good stuff:

almonds – Great source of protein, Vitamin E, Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Selenium. Helps blood sugar and brain health!
pecans– Protein, Vitamin E (protects cell damage in the brain), High in Antioxidents and fiber.
Hemp Seeds – These are arguably one of the most complete sources of nutrition. Balanced protein and more omegas than Flax. This is a brain super food. Don’t skip this easy way to incorporate it into your diet. Plus they are nutty little goodness that your kids will probably never see!
Chia Seeds – are known as an energy booster AND a sleep aid. Double win. High in protein, omegas, iron, magnesium, calcium, and potassium. They have 8 times the Omegas as salmon (and easier to consume if you ask me…) read = brain health.
pumpkin seeds – Get this! Pumpkin seeds are great for prostate health and bladder function. They are also proven to assist with DEPRESSION and are a natural anti-inflammatory. They are an alkaline forming seed and are used in many cultures as treatment/prevention for parasites.
Papaya – high in Vit A, C and folate but most notably a miracle help for digestion. Got heartburn? Digestion issues? Increase papaya! It’s also an anti-inflammatory a great for skin and hair health!
bananas – Help with brain power, potassium, bowel health, energy and DEPRESSION.
coconut oil– I need a whole blog post dedicated to coconut oil. Have you seen “my big fat greek wedding”? You know how they use Windex for everything? That’s kind of how we are about coconut oil. Buy an organic, cold pressed tankard of it at Costco. Thank me later… 🙂 But if you’re not real fond of the flavor this is a great way to get it in your body without tasting it too much. Here’s the scoop it’s great for killing Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, Candida (which is an epidemic in our world), supports the immune system and thyroid (another one that our society is in desperate need of). It boosts energy, is heart healthy, and helps with Diabetes. Fatty acids from coconut oil go straight to the liver from the digestive tract, where they are used as quick source energy or turned into so-called ketone bodies, which can have therapeutic effects on brain disorders like epilepsy and Alzheimer’s. It also helps you BURN FAT.
raw organic honey – Reduces inflammation, strengthens immune system, calms nerves, balances blood sugar, and is an energy booster.
REAL maple syrup (splurge on the real organic stuff, not the cheapo HFCS pancake syrup) – This is high in manganese and zinc which are great for prostate health among other things. High in antioxidents, calcium, minerals and B vitamins

Create your Sunshine Life by putting something really good in your body!



to Vaccinate, or not? yes, I’m going there.

Vaccines for children

OK, here’s deal. I’ve been asked this question a lot lately. Mostly young mom’s that want to do the right thing and are confused by the media, the controversy, their parents opinions, and their heart. SO here we go.

  1. THIS IS YOUR DECISION. This is a BIG decision. Don’t let anyone guilt you, or make you feel stupid, or out of control. This impacts the rest of your life. Your kids lives. Please, take more time to educate yourself about the options than you would buying a new vehicle, or accepting a new job. The consequences either way are not small and should not be blindly handed to a doctor any more than you’d hand a credit card to the Salesman at the car lot and say, “well, what do you think?”  I mean no disrespect to doctors, they have their value. But this is your decision. Don’t hand it over to another person to make for you.
  2. Follow your gut. YOUR gut. Not your Moms or Dads or girlfriends or Doctor’s.
  3. Research. There is no easy way around it. You have to know the pros and cons so you can weigh which is most important to you and your children. All kids are not created equal. I highly recommend the National Vaccine Information Center website. They are a non-profit committed to education. Their are neither for nor against vaccines, but have a goal of educating. They recommend asking yourself 8 questions if you do decide to vaccinate (these are taken directly from their site and I highly recommend clicking the link above to learn more:
    • Am I or my child sick right now?
    • Have I or my child had a bad reaction to a vaccination before?
    • Do I or my child have a personal or family history of vaccine reactions, neurological disorders, severe allergies or immune system problems?
    • Do I know the disease and vaccine risks for myself or my child?
    • Do I have full information about the vaccine’s side effects?
    • Do I know how to identify and report a vaccine reaction?
    • Do I know I need to keep a written record, including the vaccine manufacturer’s name and lot number, for all vaccinations?
    • Do I know I have the right to make an informed choice?


  • If you don’t know how to answer, or don’t understand the significance of the answer (why does it matter if your child is sick) then you need to do more research. The NVIC has some great links and resources.
  • I also recommend the book Vaccines, by Dr. Sears.  This link goes to his website and offers valuable information such as alternative vaccine schedules, options for international travel, side effects, and more details on the diseases that vaccines are supposed to be preventing. Shouldn’t you know what Polio or Measles are before you decide to avoid them? Shouldn’t you know the signs, and side effects to look for? Shouldn’t you know EXACTLY what is in the vaccine before it’s injected?

When you feel ready to have an educated conversation about vaccines, then you’re ready to make an informed decision for your family. Be confident in your decision and your knowledge. If your doctor does not support you, find a new doctor. Better to find out now that you’re on a different page.

If you do decide to vaccinate, you deserve to know the exact details, manufacturer and lot numbers. You have the right to get this information, go home, and Google it. You have the right to know which manufacturers use Mercury (they absolutely do) in infant vaccines.  You have the right to request a certain brand name for any vaccine or flu shot. Don’t be SOLD. The lady working the counter at Walgreens does NOT CARE or research what is right for your child. Flu Shots are a money maker. It’s business. If you want to buy the car, then buy it, but don’t do it because someone told you to.

Do I vaccinate? NO. HELL NO. But I’ve read the data. I’ve looked behind the curtain and I don’t feel it’s a good decision for my family. But my kids are very sensitive. They are different than yours.  I don’t judge those who do, and I love a good debate with an educated mom. We are ALL on the same team here. Loving our kids. Wanting the best for them.

It’s a big decision. Much love to you Mommas (and Daddies too).

Create Your Sunshine Life…Today

Clover Sunshine

Magical Magnesium


So lately I’ve been hearing a lot and reading a lot about Magnesium. The wonder substance.

Did you know that Magnesium affects all of the systems in the body and can benefit a variety of conditions such as:

  1. ADD/ADHD & Sensory Processing Disorder
  2. Muscle Cramps
  3. Headaches
  4. Anxiety
  5. Depression
  6. Insomnia
  7. Eczema
  8. Healthy Teeth
  9. Healthy Mood

Well that pretty much sums us up right there. Seems like it’s worth a try. No one in our home has slept through the night more than twice in a row in 6 years. Clearly we deal with Sensory Processing Disorder. Headaches and Anxiety are daily concerns.

Magnesium is also a natural calming agent. Did you hear that? CALMING AGENT. We’re going to need it by the bucket.

I have a liquid supplement we take from time to time, but in all honesty I’m not as consistent as I should be.  I’m going to do a test and step up the daily supplement. Tomorrow the kids and I are going to make a homemade Magnesium Body Butter.  I think it will be a wonderful bedtime massage lotion and great creative project. Wish us luck.

Every time I try something new, I hold a little hope in my heart that this is the magical answer. Perhaps it is.  A calming agent that helps nerves, senses, and anxiety. Seems like we should all be taking it.

Does anyone have feedback on a Magnesium protocol with kids?  Seems like my daughter CRAVES all foods high in magnesium and she’s usually a pretty intuitive eater.  Although, I would prefer to supplement Magnesium with a leisurely swim in the ocean… who’s with me?

When the kids feel better, everyone does better.

Create your Sunshine Life..Today

~Clover Sunshine

4 Things you can do NOW for ADD / Autism / Sensory Processing Disorder suspicions …


Well, I make no promises. And I’m not a doctor – let’s just get THAT out of the way.

NOW I can tell you how excited I am!

We had a rough couple of weeks. Special needs Mommas, you need no further description.

Edgy, twitchy, whiney, screaming, uncomfortable kiddos. You know the signs when you see them. It twists your gut into knots and you know it’s coming… The wrath… the shot nerves, less eye contact, can’t sit still …


Granted, I had fallen off the wagon a bit. We had opened up our diet, “cheated” a bit more than normal (occasional flour tortilla and corn chips, nothing terrible but gluten and GMO’s are not on our side here).  We had run out of Aloe Vera juice and I hadn’t made it a priority to get more.

So, I quickly adjusted our diet and schedule and within 3 days we had banished the demons!  I’m proud to say we turned it around very quickly. So here you go:

Step 1: Make bone broth. Gut health is very closely related to brain health. Many kids with issues have underlying gut issues such as Leaky Gut Syndrome. You may notice more tummy aches, you may not. But when you take efforts to heal the gut, it improves senses, neuro health, and emotions.  My kids prefer chicken broth 10 to 1 over beef bones. I guess I do too. Get an organic chicken. Put it in a pot with a splash of Apple Cider Vinegar, some organic veggies (I use celery, onions, and garlic) and fill the stock pot with water.  Add a couple of teaspoons of good himilayan sea salt and let it gently boil around 6 hours.  My kids CRAVE it and beg for it. Fight the need to get creative. Don’t put noodles in it. Don’t add anything. Just give them some broth to drink.  Several times a day for several days or as long as you can keep it up.

Step 2: Add Aloe Vera Juice EVERY DAY. Get George’s Aloe Vera Juice. It’s high quality, no taste and only around $8 for a huge bottle. Make a morning drink (we use whatever juice they love -watered down at least 50/50 and organic of course) add an ounce or two of aloe vera juice. This is an anti-inflammatory and VERY healing. They never know it’s there.

Step 3: Seriously look into Isagenix Shakes. This is not a sales pitch. Trust me, I’m not going to get rich when you order a bucket of shake (but you do have to order online, you cannot find this product in stores.  Click the banner on the right, or click HERE if you’re interested in learning more). I joined the program when I found out how great it is for kids with ADD / Autism and other special needs (as well as healthy kids, mommas and daddies too!)  It is high in Glutathione, protein, and over 70 trace minerals. Within 3 days of my kids drinking a half a chocolate shake a day I notice a SUBSTANTIAL improvement in behavior, sitting still, making eye contact…it’s organic, non-gmo and all natural. No soy. Celiac Friendly. It’s what we use.

Step 4: Add a high dose of Omega 3’s. They are proven to help brain function and I can absolutely identify a day with 100% certainty when we miss a dose. We use Barleans Omega Swirl, Lemon Zest. It can be found at most health food stores in the fridge section. It’s liquid. I’m sure there are probably higher quality versions, but my kids LOVE this and think it’s a treat. 1 Tablespoon each morning and it makes all the difference. We know not to run out.

I created my Sunshine Life by adding these simple steps to our daily routine. Everyone is happier.

Start Creating your own Sunshine Life…Today!

~Clover Sunshine

5 Things to stop buying Today if you suspect ADD/ADHD/Autism Spectrum in your family

Strength Bob MarleyWowzers. I’m overwhelmed by how many mommas are reaching out looking for next steps. So here are the first 5 things that I think you should stop purchasing.  Took me plenty of research to get here. Hopefully it saves someone a little  time.

If you suspect (even an unvoiced fear in the back of your head) that something is wrong – take action. These steps can be taken without tipping your hand. If you have a spouse or a family that is unsupportive of your suspicions or your doctor has yet to confirm or deny, you can still take these steps now. Even if you’re wrong, it will do nothing but good.

  • Trust your instinct. Don’t doubt yourself. You have intuition for a reason. Trust it. I don’t care what the final “word” of diagnosis is. If something is wrong, take steps to make it better. Don’t get attached to a diagnosis, just work on healing. Trust your gut.
  • Take stock of your diet. Really take stock. Have an honest conversation with yourself about what is realistic for you to accomplish for Phase 1 of diet change. It is harder with a larger household, so be gentle with yourself. Diet changes means whatever you commit to cutting – YOU DO NOT BUY. Don’t have it in the house. You will cheat. It’s too easy after a hard day and it’s not fair to either of you. Things to put on your list to avoid (at the pace you can live with but as soon as reasonably possible)
  1. Gluten (gluten is an opiate in the brain. For reals.) If you are already sensitive this can cause chaos. If you can’t cut 100% try to stop buying bread. Pretend you “forgot”. Stop buying crackers and chips.  If you do buy it, please, please make sure it’s organic and GMO free. GMO’s are a WHOLE nother blog post. But they are nasty.
  2. Dairy (see opiate). We try to stick to no more than one organic portion of dairy per day. Too much dairy makes for crazy. If you do have dairy, it should ALWAYS be organic. Think about it. We store all toxins, poisons, and chemicals in our fat cells to protect our body. What is milk but the cow’s fat reserves? So every poison and toxin that it has been exposed to ends up in your cheese. Gross. That helps reduce your portions right there. Imagine the pesticides on the grass, hormones and antibiotics injected… Voila – Dairy free.
  3. Packaged foods. Stop buying chips, crackers, candy, cold cereal, packaged juices and “treats”. They are filled with artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and other nasty chemicals that freak the brain out.
  4. Soda. No excuse. Don’t buy it. Ever. Never. And if I hear you have Diet soda in your house I’ll drive over there right now with a big stick. No Diet Soda.
  5. Anything with High Fructose Corn Syrup or artificial Colors (look like a color with a number such as Red 40, Yellow 5, etc.)

So what do you eat?

  • Fresh Organic fruit. We get a big bag of apples each week. The kids love it. Bananas are great too.
  • Organic Carrots
  • Organic almond butter (to dip carrots and apples in)
  • Organic fruit juice, watered down at LEAST 50/50 with water (and only a couple of times a day).
  • Fresh, raw almonds (assuming your kiddos are old enough).
  • Organic brown rice – rice cooker is worth it’s weight in gold.
  • Home made granola or organic granola or oatmeal
  • Crock pot food!  Chicken, roast, you name it. Kids love it. It’s easy. Reheats well.

Think what good habits you are teaching your family for life.  Your kids will eat it. Don’t be scared. Amazing how quickly they adjust when junk food isn’t in the house.

Yes, it’s hard. Of course it is. But I recommend starting a health journal. When you start to see that things improve even slightly it will motivate you to continue on.

What are your “go to” health foods?

Much love to you.

Start Creating your Sunshine Life, Today!

~Clover Sunshine

p.s. – I cannot recommend highly enough the Isagenix nutritional products. My kids love them, they are proven extremely helpful for kids with ADD and Autism Spectrum and provide the complete nutrition needed for growing body and brain. You can click the link to the right or tab up above to learn more!

5 Tips for Moms at the end of their Ever-Loving Rope

We’ve all been there. Done. Fried. Pissed. Those of us that are parents of neuro challenged kids probably spend more time there than others. It’s not that we’re bad people, it’s hard to work with and communicate with someone that is on a TOTALLY different planet than you are.  And we’re human.

We had a hard week here… what it’s only Tuesday? … well hell. We started a new chiropractic protocol for the kids last week. Which I’m really, really, optimistic and excited about. I can’t wait to share with you as soon as I have concrete amazing news (which I fully expect). But in the meanwhile, all changes are hard. Every time we start something new we take two giant steps backwards. And it’s hard… on everyone. But mostly my dear, sweet, girl. 

So tonight I thought of all of the other Mommas out there, having a hard time. Putting down kids with sleep issues, ADD/ADHD, Autism, undiagnosed mystery illness, suspicions lurking in the back of their mind Mommas that are worn out and tired and sad. This is for you.

  1. When it gets hard – really, really, hard – walk away. Walk out of the room and give yourself a breath. Count to 5 and remember the person you are working with is likely as angry and frustrated and upset as you are. You probably won’t be able to talk it out because you are looking at the situation from two different worlds. Stop talking and walk away.
  2. Don’t compare your life, your parenting, or your child. Don’t compare to your friends, or their kids and whatever you do DO NOT compare it to what kind of parent or child you envisioned before you had kids. Ha! Don’t let yourself get sucked into all of the could have or would have or should have’s.
  3. When you re-enter the situation and all feels lost, take a breath and make a peace offering. Massage is magic. It’s amazing what physical touch does to disarm and change the emotion (common sense warning: use your knowledge of your own child, not every child likes to be touched…). If you are dealing with a child with special needs it is less important to discuss who won, who should have done what, etc. etc. Make peace. Massage oil and a foot rub or back rub can help them relax. It will also help you calm down and find peace.  I highly recommend high quality essential oils for relaxation. Don’t use the cheap stuff. We love doTerra oils Balance, Solace, Frankincense, and Breathe for bedtime rituals.
  4. Find gratitude. Start small. Think of all of the magical and wonderful things that you love about your child, that make them unique, your relationship, the way that it is different than what you expected. Let it build.
  5. Pour wine. Lots of wine. And remember, you are not alone. You are amazing. You are powerful. You are unstoppable.

And for those of you without special needs children – I’m sure you can put the same rules to use for your Terrible Two’s or your significant other.. 😉

Much love to you Mommas.

Create your Sunshine Life Today.

~Clover Sunshine

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