Healing without hurting

Friends! This is amazing. I have finally finally had time to properly place my nose in the most amaze-balls book and it's blowing my mind. So of course, I'm ready to share! I've been looking forward to its release for months, and then life happened and it's been sitting on my Kindle waiting for my… Continue reading Healing without hurting

Incredible, Easy and Powerful Granola

I'm finally able to start cooking a bit again! Yay. I love cooking. I haven't made Granola in awhile. If you haven't either, now is the time to start! It is easy, cheap, kid friendly and a great way to sneak in all of those "great" ingredients that are challenging to get in otherwise. You… Continue reading Incredible, Easy and Powerful Granola

5 Things to stop buying Today if you suspect ADD/ADHD/Autism Spectrum in your family

Wowzers. I'm overwhelmed by how many mommas are reaching out looking for next steps. So here are the first 5 things that I think you should stop purchasing.¬† Took me plenty of research to get here. Hopefully it saves someone a little¬† time. If you suspect (even an unvoiced fear in the back of your… Continue reading 5 Things to stop buying Today if you suspect ADD/ADHD/Autism Spectrum in your family

Top 5 Mommy Ninja Tricks for Sore Tummies

Some kids have worse tummy issues than others. Mine, have a LOT. There are more and more kids with nuero challenges (autism, ADD, Aspergers, bipolar, etc.) and they are consistently finding a connection between gut health and nuero health. So if your little person (or your big person) is struggling, here are a few tips… Continue reading Top 5 Mommy Ninja Tricks for Sore Tummies