Angels and Affirmations

I've been a bit of a self-help fanatic lately. I mean, 3.5 months of downtime will do that to a person. Question everything. The meaning of life, of joy, purpose, you know the really deep stuff. I think because my mind isn't cluttered by all of the small stuff that's been filling it for years.… Continue reading Angels and Affirmations

Free Resources Day 3 – Feelgood, Direct to your Inbox

 Good night my loves,I'm dead tired. This old body has a limit these days. But a promise I made for a new free Resource each day. So here you go:When you're down or in a funk, sometimes you don't remember to find personal development, you forget to ask, to look for it. So set yourself… Continue reading Free Resources Day 3 – Feelgood, Direct to your Inbox

Free Resources Series Day 1 – if you’re in a funk…

Hello Hello Sometimes we all get in a funk. Usually a glass of wine, or hot bubble bath will do the trick, but sometimes we need a little bit more. Something deeper. This week I'm going to offer information with FREE RESOURCES ONLINE for personal development. Check out the Hay House Radio App and take… Continue reading Free Resources Series Day 1 – if you’re in a funk…

to Vaccinate, or not? yes, I’m going there.

OK, here's deal. I've been asked this question a lot lately. Mostly young mom's that want to do the right thing and are confused by the media, the controversy, their parents opinions, and their heart. SO here we go. THIS IS YOUR DECISION. This is a BIG decision. Don't let anyone guilt you, or make… Continue reading to Vaccinate, or not? yes, I’m going there.

Slowing Downnnn….and panties of the Year

  Well, nothing makes you slow down quite like a head injury. It's like a permanent acid trip (or so I'd imagine). But, it forces me to realize things that I haven't appreciated in a long time. The smell of the grass after it rains - not the quick sniff while getting in the car,… Continue reading Slowing Downnnn….and panties of the Year

Alternative Holistic Concussion Treatment

Ask and you shall receive. Why of course.  Thank you Universe. Shortly after my last post I found out about Bowen Work. A holistic, all natural, massage type approach to concussions.  In fact, I even found a website explaining how pro-soccer teams are now hiring Bowen Work Healers as their results are SO effective in… Continue reading Alternative Holistic Concussion Treatment

Suggestions for Concussion? Carotid? “ask the audience” card in effect

Hello my darlings. I'm stuck and don't know what to do. Sometimes when you don't know what to do, it's time to ask for help. I haven't posted much about the accident as obviously it's still an ongoing case and well... I just have no idea about the "rules" of such things. Plus, I detest… Continue reading Suggestions for Concussion? Carotid? “ask the audience” card in effect

Gluten Free, Potato Free, Preservative Free… Odor Free? Really?

So, we pack a lunch each day for my daughter. It's not easy. Gluten free, (mostly grain free but we do cheat with brown rice on occasion), preservative free, sugar free, nut free (school policy not mine). Plus she has blood sugar issues so has to have PLENTY of protein snacks that keep her going… Continue reading Gluten Free, Potato Free, Preservative Free… Odor Free? Really?

Mobile Meditation? Awesome or Oxymoron?

See, here's the thing. I love the IDEA of meditation. Doesn't it sound lovely? I mean, it's up there with free massages and bubble baths.. and I have about as much time for it as I do bubble baths. Which is kind of NEVER! But in all honesty, lately I've been stressed. You know when… Continue reading Mobile Meditation? Awesome or Oxymoron?

Magical Magnesium

So lately I've been hearing a lot and reading a lot about Magnesium. The wonder substance. Did you know that Magnesium affects all of the systems in the body and can benefit a variety of conditions such as: ADD/ADHD & Sensory Processing Disorder Muscle Cramps Headaches Anxiety Depression Insomnia Eczema Healthy Teeth Healthy Mood Well… Continue reading Magical Magnesium